Chef's Kiss Bundle

Chef\'s Kiss Bundle

Introducing our 'Chef's Kiss' gift bundle, a culinary delight for food enthusiasts and chefs alike. Dive into gourmet cooking with an inspiring cookbook, "The Heirloomed Kitchen", and beautiful pottery measuring cups. Elevate your dishes with Finch & Fennel's Risotto mix, Provencal sea salt, and Champagne honey, adding flair to every meal. Whether you're an experienced chef or home cook, 'Chef's Kiss' promises to elevate your kitchen adventures with flavors that leave a lasting impression. Treat yourself or someone special to this curated selection, embodying gourmet excellence and culinary creativity.


  • "The Heirloomed Kitchen" cookbook
  • Pottery Measuring cups
  • Finch & Fennel- Porcini Mushroom Rissotto Kit
  • Finch & Fennel- Provencal Herb Seat Salt
  • Finch & Fennel- Champagne Honey
  • Basket & Giftwrapping

Substitutions may be required if certain products are not available.